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Privacy policy referred to in Pictolab.co.id is a policy to regulate and protect the use and distribution of critical data and information profiles of Pictolab.co.id users. Data and information mentioned referred to the memberís profile that has been collected at the time of registering, accessing and using services in Pictolab.co.id, such as e-mail address, phone number, shipping address, photographs, etc.

Privacy Policies of Pictolab.co.id would cover the following terms:

  • Pictolab.co.id protect any user of the information provided upon registration, the use of the access and use of the services available in Pictolab.co.id
  • Pictolab.co.id protect all personal rights that appear on information provided by users of the service Pictolab.co.id, either in the form of username, e-mail address, phone number, shipping address, photographs, etc.
  • Pictolab.co.id is hereby allowed to use the data and information of the userís profile collected in order to improve the standard quality and service in Pictolab.co.id.
  • Pictolab.co.id not responsible for data exchange performed between each user.
  • Pictolab.co.id would only establish the data and information held by the users of the site when required and / or requested by the competent institution under the provisions of the applicable law, the official order of the court, and / or an official order from agencies / authorities concerned.
  • Site users may choose to unsubscribe from Pictolab.co.id if user do not wish to receive any further such information on latest promotion and exclusive offers which might only be distributed from such newsletters or email.